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Deepak Ghadge
Entrepreneurship Mentor

Author of Best Seller 'Dhool Dhoop Dhakka'

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Startup Tips

Entrepreneurship Models

Business Story Telling

Hetal Desai
Culinary Expert

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Craft Hacks

Cooking Tips

Cambronics Life Science
Biology meets Fun

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Fun Science Experiments

Ramya Rengarajan
Language Expert

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Learn Hindi & Kannada


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Soul School Band

Guitar Basics

Basics of Music Production

Bhuvaneshwari Raman
Maths Expert

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Fun Maths

Maths Tips

Olympiad Tips

Rasheed Khan
Celebrity Fitness Instructor

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Fitness Tips

Functional Workout Tips

Diet Insights

Art Explorer and Artist

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a. Art Hacks

b. Art Appreciation Techniques

c. Simplifying Art

Sateesh Sajja
Eco Warrior

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Founder -YB Naturals

YB Natural Products

Identifying Authenticity in Foods

Simplyfing Organic Food Facts

Niharika Battula
Sustainability Expert

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Founder - Continuum Studio

Simplifying and Applying Sustainability to Daily Life

Trrupti A Khan
Gourmet Chef

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Healthy & Easy Recipes

Megha Govind
Wellness Expert

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Nutrition Tips

Wellness Wisdom

Life Coach
Mental Space psychologist
NLP Master Practitioner after Life Coach

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Personal Growth

Emotional wellbeing

Conscious Relationshipping


Navigating through teenage

Conscious Family bonding

Sowmya Kadlabal
Art Expert

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Art & Crafts

Fit Futures
Fitness Experts

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Pairing Fitness with Fun