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Students favoritestudy buddy.
Students favoritestudy buddy.
Welcome to Librari - A micro-learning revision app for K-12
students with under 3 minutes concept videos by
academic experts.




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About Librari

Librari is a Distraction-Free Micro-Learning Platform focused on academics and an extra-curricular recap focused on reducing the anxiety levels of children

  • Librari offers 3 minutes of concept revision videos by experts to aid students in learning and reduce their anxiety levels.
  • Librari hosts subject concept videos for Grade 1 to Grade 12 students.
  • Librari also offers Beyond Academics with Librari Xtra with expert and user-curated videos.
  • Librari APP offers Gamified quizzes and contests where children can earn coins and redeem them from merchandise and gift options in our bazaar.

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Features list

App Features

Byte size animated videos

to revise concepts for CBSE Class 1 to 12, created by experts

Practice tests

in every chapter to test the concepts for classes 6 and above

Written Notes

for every chapter from classes 6 and above

Extra Curricular Videos

Watch and learn from extra curricular videos in various categories

Fun Quizzes

Engaging quizzes on various daily trending topics

Earn & Redeem Librari Coins

Collect coins for participation in quizzes & redeem them in our bazaar

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Easy to Edit

Learn your subject concept in 3 minutes

Fully Secure

For school children kindergarden to Grade 12

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Reduce exam stress Level up their Learnings

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Features list

Everything you need to learn really need to know about learning in Level Up Every 3 Minutes APP

Librari APP is the world’s first micro-learning app focussed on providing recap subject concepts for Grade 1 to Grade 12 students with 3 minute smart videos. The app also ensures retention through quizzes and contests related to subject topics.

Librari APP offers distraction-free engaging recap content in 3 minutes. It is a student favorite because one can participate in quizzes and earn coins. He or she can redeem coins by opting their favorite gifts or gadgets from Librari Brand Bazaar.

Research shows that any topic related to academics or beyond academics can be explained in 3 minutes or less with visual aid and short videos capture the student’s attention.

Of course, we are here to help you spread the knowledge. Invite your friends to Librari and follow each other to see your content.

Coins are an effective way to reward you. We want you to not just watch the video but understand the concept. What better way to test it than a quiz? You will earn a coin for each correct answer.

After collecting these coins, you can redeem them by going to the bazaar section of the app. You will redeem/ avail discount for the items displayed based on the number of coins you have collected.


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